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The Coalition is a unique disaster relief organization focused solely on the role of heavy equipment in relief operations. We are looking for highly skilled, safety-minded, and compassionate heavy equipment operators, owner-operators, and mechanics, as well as commercial drivers and chain-sawyers to support our Mission:

Heavy Equipment Response Coalition provides resources to communities and organizations for disaster mitigation, response, and recovery efforts across the United States.

The Coalition embraces a Safety First culture; Volunteers work at the lowest risk possible, and within their skill and their equipment’s rated capabilities and capacities at all times. Our Volunteers respect one another and those we serve; there is no place for harassment of any kind in this organization. We value Volunteers who constructively share and absorb knowledge.

Volunteers must be United States citizens at least 18 years old.


Deploying Volunteers and equipment to disaster areas is a complex undertaking; there are financial, political, and logistical dynamics all managed behind the scenes by Coalition Staff. We deploy Volunteers in the following scenarios.

Unaffiliated Response
We may connect resources, including Volunteers, with Agencies and Organizations that reach out for self-managed support. In these cases, Volunteers will work directly for the requesting Agency or Organization, under their regulations, waivers, funding, etc. We do ask Volunteers to report their time and activity back to the Coalition for impact tracking.

Immediate Response
These are short duration deployments to address immediate, critical needs by trained and authorized Coalition Agents.

Project Response
A Project is initiated by the Coalition when:

  • Immediate Response overwhelms the capability of responding Agents
  • A significant disaster is imminent, requiring multiple assets and resources
  • A partner VOAD or Agency requests managed support
  • Appropriate funding is available

Our Volunteer Field Guide is issued to registered Volunteers and details our deployment process, Agent and Project Manager opportunities.

Volunteers cannot self-deploy to disasters acting as the Coalition.


If you’re ready to make a difference for those in need, we want to hear from you! Please download our Volunteer Application Package and follow the instructions to submit the application and required documents. Our management team evaluates all applications and may contact you with any questions, or to setup a phone interview. Applying does not guarantee an interview. Successful applicants will be required to pass a background check.